Dr. Arthur Ben Chitty
Professor and Historiographer at the University of the South (Sewanee).
The National Episcopal Historians and Archivists' took root in in 1961 when the first "Conference of Historiographers" held at the University of the South, Sewanee, Tennessee, attracted 20-some historiographers, spouse and university folk. The organization answered the needs of diocesan officials and others who felt attention should be given to nurturing congregational, diocesan, and institutional historians as well as archivists and registrars. Since its first meeting, NEHA has provided a forum for exchanging ideas and giving mutual support. 

Under the leadership of Dr. Arthur Ben Chitty, the association launched a newsletter that later became The Historiographer. Read more in NEHA: 40 years of service to the Church by Robert G. Carroon (The Historiographer, Spring 2002, Vol. XL, No. 2)

1961 Association of Episcopal Historiographers Founded.
1961 Newsletter that later became The Historiographer, is launched.
1982 Annual Meeting changes name to National Episcopal Historians' Association.
1994 Annual Meeting changes name to National Episcopal Historians and Archivists.
1999 The Historical Society of the Episcopal Church becomes co-sponsor of The Historiographer.

Founding Members
  • Rucker Agee (Alabama)
  • Allen D. Breck (Colorado)
  • Lawrence L. Brown (Texas)
  • Nelson R. Burr (Washington)
  • Arthur Ben Chitty (University of the South)
  • Thomas E. Jessett (Olympia)
  • Harold H. Kelley (California)
  • Winnie Lowrance (researcher from Kansas)
  • Nelson Rightmyer (Maryland)
  • William M. Robinson (Florida)
  • Dollie Shelton (Dallas)
  • Massey H. Shepherd, Jr. (University of the South)
  • Blanche Taylor (Kansas)
  • Earl R. Thorne (Kentucky)
  • J. Wesley Twelves (Pennsylvania)