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The National Episcopal Historians & Archivists (NEHA) encourage
every diocese, congregation, and organization in the Episcopal Church
to collect, preserve, and organize its records and to share its history.

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NEHA provides a forum for exchanging ideas, mutual support, and is an archival and historical network for those who preserve, explore and share the historical dimensions of the Episcopal Church.
Begun as an outgrowth of the Church Historical Society in 1961, NEHA seeks to answer the needs of church officials and leaders who know attention should be given to nurturing congregational, diocesan, and institutional historians, registrars and archivists.

NEHA needs you!

The Rt. Rev. Jackson Kemper, First Missionary Bishop
of the Episcopal Church
Thank you to NEHA members who support this work. Not a NEHA member? Join today! Individuals, congregations, dioceses and entities can all become members of NEHA. Visit the membership page to find out how.
NEHA provides:
Often how you keep it is as
important as what you keep.
  • Publications (print and electronic media) including an eNews Clearinghouse for upcoming events and research requests.
  • Annual conferences and networking opportunities.
  • Training workshops and classes.
  • Awards recognizing accomplishments in the field.
  • Website for a variety of resources.

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